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What is a Seabin? The answare for the marine plastic pollution problem!

It all started from a passion for the ocean and the hard realization that human over consumption and waste mismanagement was killig nature best jewel, which also happen to regulate our world fuctionament to an extent we are only starting to understand... The existing solutions addressing the ocean pollution problems are typically the "trash boat". These boat drive around harbors and marinas scooping up rubbish with nets built into them.
The Seabin v5 unit floating debris interception device designed to be installed in the water of marinas,yacht clubs,ports and any water body with a calm environment and device available. The sea bin can catch an estimated 1.5 kg of floating debris for day (depending on weather and debris volumes) including micro plastics down to 2mm.
the sea bin is installed in a specific "debris problem area" in the marina on a floating dock. All be in one with the world, be sustainable. The Seabin moves up and down
with the range of tide collecting all floating rubbish. Water is sucked in from the surface and passes through a catch bag inside the Seabin.

Seabin most caught:

1% bags
2% cans
3% straws/stirrers
4% bottle caps
5% foam pieces
26% food wrappers
28% plastic pieces
29% cigarette butts

The issue of marine litter is one that will have to be dealt with for generations to come and therefore we need to provide the knowledge, tools and capacities
to the decision-makers of the future, our children. Education is the first step to lasting and effective solutions.

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