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In the case of pollution due to the incorrect disposal of plastics, the numbers become more worrying every year and it would seem that, for over half a century, no one has really become aware of the gravity of the situation. Surely plastics have changed the lives of each of us for the better, but at the same time they have caused various risks.

Primary contradiction: the improvement of our lifestyle but the development of problematic situations from the environmental point of view and to pay the price were the oceans (where every year millions of tons of plastic waste and not only). It is in this scenario that we come into play with us, who, with great humility and determination, try to stem a vast global problem: the microplastics.

The mission

It's time to do something!

We are tired of the many rumors and of hiding the pollution behind small naturalistic acts!

We are here to renew, recycle and give an example to those who, like us, are still convinced of being able to recover this planet that knows no languages or borders but that is globally killed every day more and more by the indifference and mistreatment of the same !

Luca Clemente

CEO Drifter Recycle

Passionate about music, surfing, skateboarding, traveling. He lives in Indonesia for 5 years and it is precisely there that he begins his interest in the environmental sector and where he sees with his own eyes the problem of micro plastics and the state in which they now pour the various oceans of our planet.
He works as a manager for large groups including hard rock cafe ', Canon, ibm from here begins roads and a large recording studio the Music Factory says for 13 years will bring' at the highest levels collaborating with international artists and various musicians in the panorama Roman.

Giulio Maria Cappellano

Comunication Manager

Always passionate about technological innovation and naturalism. Webmaster, photographer and videomaker, has been living in Fuerteventura since 2010. First approach with the Canary Islands in 1981 during the "Dimensione Oceano" expedition (series of underwater documentaries set between the Canary Islands and the Caribs of Pippo Cappellano).

Bárbara Abaroa


Nacida en Fuerteventura, realizó a licenciatura en ciencias del mar, y actualmente es investigadora predoctoral dedicating on tesis to the contaminación marina, entre la que se encuentra los microplásticos. En el año 2018 realizó a proyecto de interés para la isla de Fuerteventura in de la convocatoria de becas de investigación, devoted to the evaluation of contaminantes orgánicos persistentes adheridos a microplásticos que llegan a nuestras costas.

Drifter Recycle S.L.

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Calle Trillo 18 El Matorral, Fuerteventura, Spain

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